1. What are your opening hours?
a. Please click here for opening hours at Mungret, Kilmallock and Newcastle West

2. Is there a charge?
a. The following charges apply for recycling your waste:

  • Car €5.00
  • Car & small trailer €12.00 (Small trailer is defined as less than 1.8m/6ft and less than 0.6m/2ft high. €24.00 for trailers above these dimensions)
  • Light van €12.00

3. Do you take mattresses and sofas?
a. Yes, we do accept these items for disposal purposes. Please note that there is a charge by weight of €0.28 per kg in Mungret, and per item in NCW and Kilmallock

4. Do you take paint tins / cans?
a. Yes, we do accept paint tins/cans. We can accept up to 5 tins/cans per customer after which there is a €2 charge per can/tin.

5. Do you accept wood?
a. We can only accept unpainted, unvarnished or unstained wood.


If you have any queries or require further information on the Civic Amenity Centre nearest you or recycling in general, please contact:

Tel: 063 98836
Mob: 087 748 9130

Tel: 061 305 720
Mob: 087 748 9130

Newcastle West: 
Tel: 069 78610
Mob: 087 748 9130