Why Recycle

As a nation, we are still sending the majority of our household waste to landfill. In 2011, we landfilled over 750,000 tonnes to waste. Much of that waste could be recycled, reused or eliminated, protecting our environment for the future and saving our landscape.

According to the 2011 Environmental Protection Agency National Waste Report, the recovery rate for household waste in Ireland is 47% but there is still more we can do. Each of us has a part to play in reducing the amount of household waste that unnecessarily goes to landfill. By visiting the Limerick Recycling Centres, you are playing a key role in helping Ireland to achieve its recycling and landfill diversion targets.

Composition of Household Waste


Composting can save you money:

  • Provides a free soil conditioner.
  • Helps soil retain moisture – reducing water consumption.
  • Can help you to manage your waste better and save money in waste disposal charges.

Compost can help your garden:

  • Improves plant health and growth – increasing yields of fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs.
  • Increases nutritional quality of home grown foods.
  • Reduces reliance on toxic chemicals and pesticides.

Compost can improve our environment:

  • Converts waste into a valuable resource.
  • Reduces reliance on landfilling of waste.
  • Recycles nutrients back into the soil.

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