Electrical Appliances

Registered retailers can no longer bring their WEEE to the Centres and must make arrangements with ERP to have WEEE/Batteries collected from the registered locations.

Household WEEE items are accepted Free of charge on the Limerick CAS Sites

“If I only want to deliver Waste Electrical Equipment (WEEE) or   Batteries, do I have to pay the 5 entry fee?”

If you are only presenting items of WEEE or Batteries and have no other items in your vehicle to deliver to site, then you do not have to pay the €5 fee. Please find a member of staff who will inspect your vehicle and make arrangements for you to enter the site.

Kitchen Appliances
• Cookers
• Dishwashers
• Tumble Dryers
• Freezers
• Fridges
• Kettles
• Microwaves
• Toasters
• Vacuum cleaners
• Washing machines

Electronic & Electronic Waste
• Computers
• Electrical tools and
• Monitors
• Printers
• Scanners
• Stereos
• TVs, VCRs,CD/DVD players,

• Car batteries
• Mobile phone batteries
• Household batteries (Up to 2kg FOC, over 2kg *€10.00 each)


If you have any queries or require further information on the Civic Amenity Centre nearest you or recycling in general, please contact:

Tel: 063 98836
Mob: 087 748 9130

Tel: 061 305 720
Mob: 087 748 9130

Newcastle West: 
Tel: 069 78610
Mob: 087 748 9130