Drinks and Food Cans

We accept the following for recycling:

  • Drinks cans, eg soft drinks cans, beer cans, etc.
  • Food cans, eg fruit & vegetable tins, sauce cans, etc.

Please wash, put lids inside cans and squash

All types of food cans are accepted. Food cans should always be washed as dirty food cans attract vermin. The lids should be put inside as they may have sharp edges and the cans should be squashed by standing on one side.

Some interesting facts about steel recycling:
  • Steel cans are often called ‘tin cans’ because of the thin layer of tin which protects the surface of the can
  • Steel is the worlds most recycled metal
  • Recycled steel has always been part of the steel making process – it is more environmentally friendly than using raw material as it produces less emissions and saves 70% of the energy needed.

If you have any queries or require further information on the Civic Amenity Centre nearest you or recycling in general, please contact:

Tel: 063 98836
Mob: 087 748 9130

Tel: 061 305 720
Mob: 087 748 9130

Newcastle West: 
Tel: 069 78610
Mob: 087 748 9130