We accept the following for recycling:

  • Glass bottles, eg. soft drinks bottles, beer bottles, wine bottles
  • Glass jars, eg. fruit & vegetable jars, sauce jars, etc.
  • Flat glass (eg from windows)

We do NOT accept the following for recycling:

  • Cookware, eg. Pyrex dishes

Remove any metal lids or caps as well as corks and any seals on the top of wine bottles.

Lids and caps should be disposed of with your residual waste at home. Rinse out sauce bottles, jam jars and the like to remove any dregs that might contaminate the glass during recycling. Separate the different colours of glass – clear, green/blue or brown/amber.

  • Only put glass bottles or jars into the bottle banks. Do not put in light bulbs or cookware such as ‘Pyrex’. These have different properties to the glass used to make bottles and can contaminate a load resulting in a sub-standard finished product.

If you have any queries or require further information on the Civic Amenity Centre nearest you or recycling in general, please contact:

Tel: 063 98836
Mob: 087 748 9130

Tel: 061 305 720
Mob: 087 748 9130

Newcastle West: 
Tel: 069 78610
Mob: 087 748 9130