Textiles & Footwear

We accept the following for recycling:

  • Reusable clothes, eg. t-shirts, sweaters, trousers, jackets, skirts, anoraks
  • Reusable footwear, eg. trainers, shoes, boots. (IN PAIRS ONLY)
  • Clean curtains and bed linen

We do NOT accept the following for recycling:

  • Any items that are soiled or in bad condition

Ensure the clothes or textiles are clean, dry, in good condition and suitable for reuse.

Put items into plastic bags and deposit in textile banks on site.

Textiles make up 2.9% of the contents of your household bin

The Benefits of Textile recovery:
  • it reduces the need for landfill space. Textiles present particular problems in landfill as synthetic (man-made fibres) products will not decompose, and while woollen garments do decompose they produce methane which contributes to global warming.
  • it reduces pressure on virgin resources
  • it results in less pollution and energy savings as fibres do not have to be transported from abroad

If you have any queries or require further information on the Civic Amenity Centre nearest you or recycling in general, please contact:

Tel: 063 98836
Mob: 087 748 9130

Tel: 061 305 720
Mob: 087 748 9130

Newcastle West: 
Tel: 069 78610
Mob: 087 748 9130